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A- Musée de l'abeille (bee museum). Founded by five professional beekeepers, the Bee Museum is the only one of its kind in Québec. You are invited to discover the private life of the hive, its social organization, tireless work, and the multitude of its products. A fascinating look at nature!
B- Grand Canyon des Chutes Sainte-Anne (falls). Through footpaths running alongside high ledges and bridges hanging onto sheer cliffs, the visitor is thrown into fascinating landscapes where chasms and streams take turns displaying themselves.


This site, preserved in its wildness, offers an unforgettable natural sight: a 74 meter-high waterfall (243 feet), the spectacular McNicoll bridge (55 meters or 180 feet above the canyon), a 15 meter-wide giant pothole (50 feet) and lots more.

  C- The Cyclorama. The world's largest panorama. The world-wide fame of this panorama realization yearly
attracts everincreasing numbers of tourist and pilgrims to Ste-Anne-de- Beaupré, where Cyclorama has been on
exhibit since 1895.

Cyclorama creates an illusion of life and relief that
is so real that it gives visitors the feeling that they are
themselves in Jerusalem and that they relive the sights
of the Crucifixion.

From the observation point, you can contemplate all the city of Jerusalem and over 80 kilometers of surrounding countryside at the four cardinal points.









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Meals.......2 Full American breakfasts at hotel.
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* Sightseeing tour of Ottawa with escort in own motorcoach.

* Sightseeing tour of Prime Minister's residence in own motorcoach.

* Sightseeing tour of Governor-General's residence in own motorcoach.

  * Visit Canada's Parliament Building with escort. Parliament Hill is more than a workplace for parliamentarians and their staff - it is a national symbol. A visit to Parliament Hill is a must for every Canadian and tourists alike.

Visit the centre stage of Canadian democracy! During your 45 minute guided tour, you will see the Senate and House of Commons, the Library of Parliament, the Hall of Honour and the Memorial Chamber.

  * Visit Ottawa's Museum of Science and Technology. Get Your Hands on Learning at the National Museum of Science and Technology, where you can discover the wonders of science!

*Climb down into an archaeological dig or go to CINÉPLUS, and experience the wonder of IMAX/OMNIMAX
films.  This unique projection system is the key to the sharpness and clarity of IMAX films which put you in the centre of the
action like no other motion picture format can.

* Visit Ottawa's Museum of Civilisation. Come and visit one of the most interactive museums in the
world. Experience the art of Canada's Pacific Coast people and step inside reconstructions of their houses.


  * Sailing on the famous Rideau Canal on Paul's Boat Line, a superb view of Ottawa.The Rideau Canal, opened in 1832, winds its way 202 kilometers (125miles) from Ottawa to Kingston through a network of lakes, rivers and artificial channels. The Rideau Canal is one of the most well  preserved historic canals in the world.
* Visit the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada building is an imposing setting for Canada's highest
court, which hears cases involving all areas of Canadian life.

The impressive front doors of the building are flanked by sculptures of Truth and Justice.

* Visit Ottawa's Museum of Nature. Where do you go to find out about spiders, giant dinosaurs, wolves and glittering minerals? To the Canadian Museum of Nature!  
  * Visit Rideau Hall. Also called Government House, this is the official residence of the Governor General, who is the Queen's representative in Canada. It was built in 1838 by Thomas MacKay, an early industrialist.
* Visit the National Gallery of Canada.
Walls of sparkling glass contrast with the warmth of Québec pink granite, the lustre of maple and oak flooring, and the interior court-yard and gardens. Unique to the National Gallery are the skylights which introduce natural light to both the upper and lower levels of these historic galleries.


* Visit the Canadian War Museum. Canada's history comes alive at the Canadian War Museum, as told through the stories of conflict our nation has faced and the courage it has displayed.

* Visit and shopping at the famous By Ward Market.

* Visit Ottawa's Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame. (option)

* Full coordinator during your stay in Ottawa.

* Security guard at night from 11:00 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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