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Saturday, January 20 2018

  * Visit Québec's Artillery Park.
The French built various defense works there in the 17th and 18th centuries, while barracks were gradually erected in this zone as of the mid-18th century. Visit historic buildings unique to Québec City: the Dauphine's Redoubt(1712), the officer's quarters(1785) and the cartridge factory's iron foundry(1903).

* Outside the walls of Old Québec City, a night sightseeing panoramic view of the city on the M/V Louis Jolliet with a two hour sail on the famous Saint Lawrence River will render a night to remember. The DISCO  CRUISE is the ideal    < rendez-vous> to meet friends and dance to the latest hits. All cruises are supervised by experienced personnel. No alcoholic beverages allowed.

* Visit Québec's Aquarium. Experience the Parc Aquarium du Québec from the Boreal to the Artic Regions. You can follow a series of paths outdoors, leading to various exhibits where you'll see several species of mammals and make many new discoveries. Through a rocky valley, you'll learn about the St. Lawrence River, its water basins, tides, lakes and fresh water plants. You'll also see seals that inhabit this river in a natural setting. You'll then continue your visit through the magnificent Arctic sector, where you'll observe sush species as the polar bear and the Greenland seal. You will be able to visit the main pavilion, which is home to over 3500 fish specimens. An acrylic tunnel will take you to the heart of the attraction where you'll be surrounded by 350,00 litres of water and have an exciting close-up view of more than 650 specimens.  


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