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Saturday, January 20 2018

  * Visit and walking tour of Old Québec City, with time to explore the many boutiques and historical sites Place d'Armes, Place Royale, Rue du Trésor (artists' corner), Château Frontenac, Boardwalk, etc.... ) that are prevalent.
* Visit Québec's Citadelle. Located atop cap Diamant, the Citadelle constitutes the eastern flank of Québec's fortifications. Inspires by it, romantic writers have called Québec the "Gibraltar of America". In 1820, the construction of the Citadelle began; it lasted more than 30 years. The continued presence of the Royal 22e Régiment at the Citadelle since 1920 makes it the largest fortified group of buildings still occupied by troops in North America.  

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