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Trip includes the following:

CAVENDISH AREAS - 2 nights - 3 day trip


  • Included Hotel accommodation:
    HOTEL CHÂTEAU BEDFORD. This hotel has an indoor swimming pool.
  • Included. Hotel accommodations …4 students per room and 2 teachers per room
  • Included. Meals: 2 Full hot/cold buffet breakfast at the hotel.
    3 Quality meal at a very good restaurant.
  • Included. IMAX Cinéma..........Group will have a superb evening at the IMAX 2D and IMAX 3D Theatre. IMAX films are presented on the largest screens in Canada , 6 storeys high and 7 storeys wide. Spectacular films come alive on the giant IMAX screen this unique projection system is the key to the sharpness and the clarity of IMAX films. Reinforced by the 12,000 watt wrap-around IMAX Digital Sound System and a specially designed auditorium, IMAX films put you at the centre of the action like no other motion picture format.
  • Included.Visits to museums and historical sites that are prevalent.
  • Included.Visit to the Museum of the Atlantic. Maritime history of Atlantic Canada, exhibits on the Navy, convoys, Days of Sail, Sable Island and lifesaving, Titanic, the Halifax Explosion, the Age of Steam, and the restored ship chandlery of William Robertson and Son. The museum also displays Canada’s first hydrographic vessel, CSS Acadia. New exhibit featuring Theodore Tugboat.
  • Included. Visit the Museum of Natural History. Discover the natural wonders of Nova Scotia’s land and sea- whales, fossils, dinosaurs, birds and wonderful ceramic mushrooms; even a moose. At the Nature Centre a museum naturalist will introduce you to live frogs, snakes, salamanders, starfish, crabs and busy bees. The archaeology gallery features nearly 11,000 years of human history.
  • Included. Visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada. Constructed between 1828 and 1856, the Halifax Citadel commemorates Halifax’s role as a key naval station in the British Empire. It is an impressive star-shaped masonry structure complete with defensive ditch, earthen ramparts, musketry gallery, powder magazine, garrison cells, guard room, barracks ans school room. Guided tour, you may see the 78th Highland Regiment in action, hear the beauty of the bagpipes and along the way, ask a soldier's wife what life was like in 1869.
  • Included. Visit the Army Museum. In the Cavalier Building of Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, the Army Museum has an extensive collection of British and Nova Scotian militia, including uniforms, decorations, edged weapons and firearms.
  • Included. Visit the Discovery Centre. Hands-on science centre dedicated to making science accessible and fun for all age groups. Interactive exhibits allow for experimentation and individual discovery. Group will choose from 3 activities and will be divided into 2 seperate groups of approximately 36 people. Group will choose one of the following theme: Fluids, Cells or Climate Jeopardy. Activity is 45-50 minutes long. After the activity, group will have time to visit the centre.
  • Included. Luggage tags for all participants.
  • Included. Motor coach transportation from Moncton, St-John & Fredericton to destinations. Bus features VHS video cassette player and a stereo cassette music player that are at your disposal. Bonaventure Tours® cannot categorically guarantee this type of motor coach; however, we do have priority in reservations. We cannot be held responsible for mechanical, weather misfortunes, school and/or school district cancellation of trips that may occur. Motor coach transportation to and from stated activities in each city and is at your disposal during your stay in Halifax, Sydney and Charlottetown. Included. Sightseeing tour of Halifax City in own motor coach. Visit historical locations.
  • Security guard in the evening at the hotel. ( 23:00h – 06:00h )