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MONTREAL .............2 NIGHTS

Hotel accommodation choices ...........Bonaventure Tours has chosen many different hotels that live up to your expectations. We will give you more details upon contact.

Meal package................2 Full American breakfasts at hotel.

2 Quality meals at superb restaurants.

  • Sightseeing tour of Cosmopolitan Montréal, Sainte - Catherine Street, Old Montréal, Old Port of Montréal with escort.
  • Visit Montréal's Chinatown. Developed in the late 1860s when Chinese immigrants came to work in the mines and on the railroad, Chinatown's institutions, restaurants and shops remain one of the key rallying points of Montréal's Chinese community. Its main artery is La Gauchetière Street, which has become a pedestrian mall.
  • Visit Montréal's Saint-Joseph's Oratory. The largest sanctuary, one of the most important spiritual centres in the world, dedicated to Saint Joseph. Founded by Brother André (1845 - 1937), a Holy Cross monk to whom numerous miraculous cures have been attributed.
  • Visit Montréal's Biodôme. Looking for an exotic location? Want to go South or to the Far North? Explore the Tropical Rainforest! Enter a bat cave! Then the Biodôme is the place to be!
  • Visit Montréal's Insectarium. Unique in America, an avant-garde museum, the Montréal Insectarium invites you to discover a whole new world; the stange and fascinating insect world.
  • Visit Montréal's Botanical Garden. Second most important in the world, Montréal Botanical Garden presents an extraordinary plant collection over 73 hectares (180 acres) of land. More than 26,000 species and varieties, representing flora from around the world.
  • Visit Montréal's Bell Centre. The home of the Montréal Canadiens. The Bell Centre has been designed to seat more than 21,000 sports enthusiasts.
  • Visit Montréal's Olympic Park. Welcome to the world's the tallest inclined tower! Site of the 1976 Olympic Games, the Olympic Park is a world-class tourist attraction as well as peerless architectural complex. Ride a cable car to the Observatory at the top of the world's tallest inclined tower. Imagine yourself climbing for 2 minutes in a cable car with bay windows ; the scenery unravels before you as far as the eye can see. 
  • Shopping in the EATON Shopping Centre. The largest shopping centre in Downtown Montréal.
  • Full coordinator during your stay in Montréal.
  • Security guard at night from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.


  1. Visit the Redpath Museum . A natural history museum whose collections allow the visitor to admire the major groups of modern and prehistoric animals , to learn of the beauty of rocks , crystals and precious stones, and to catch a glimpse of daily life in ancient or faraway cultures.
  2. Visit Notre - Dame Basilica. A masterpiece of néo - Gothic architecture, Notre - Dame Basilica was constructed between 1824 and 1829. Its East Tower, known as « The Temperance », holds a ten - bell carillon , while the West Tower called « The Perseverance » , holds "Le Gros Bourdon', a bell weighing 10, 900 kg (24,029 lbs.) . The polychrome interior is highlighted by outstanding woodwork that is either painted or gilded.
  3. Students and teachers will experience Ghost Hunt of Montreal. As skies begin to darken over Montreal, the costumed tour guide of Ghost Tours of Montreal, strikes a match and lights his lantern. The anxious students and teachers wait in anticipation, for they know, they will be walking through Old Montreal to hear over 300 years of murders, executions, mysterious ghost sightings, tragedies and hauntings.    Montréal Hunt Tours presents an activity in the unparalleled and fascinating ambiance of Old Montréal, get ready for a unique and memorable experience, with your entire group. Explore Old Montréal in a truly different way and meet the spirits and ghosts that haunt its  streets! Whether you opt for the Ghosts Walk, you will be astonished and captivated. Witches, charlatans and former criminals await your entire group in the dark corners of Old Montréal...Hear their memories filled with legends, grim stories, criminal intrigues, mysteries  and secrets. A 90-minute ghostly experience.
  4. Visit the Notre – Dame Basilica of Montréal, 21a néo-gothic architectural work of art. The Basilica’s vast size, executed in the Gothic Revival style, the extraordinary craftsmanship and artistic polish of its fittings, its many fine works of religious art, and the interior of its chapel inspired by the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, are heritage features whose preservation and enhancement demand the greatest possible attention and care. Archaeological treasures. Visitors interested in the arts of the past will be amazed with the church’s impressive crypt, where they can study its origins. The present-day Basilica, which was inaugurated in 1829, was built on a plan set back slightly from the placement of the original church, which stood on the plot of ground covered today by Notre-Dame Street. As a result, many archaeological treasures of major ethnographic value still exist in the area around the Basilica and underneath its front square.
  5. For over 45 years, the Montreal Planetarium shared its passion for the sky and stars with its visitors, young and old. Today, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, located close to the Biodôme, offers a completely fresh experience of astronomy. Its arrival marks a defining moment in the consolidation of Space for Life, the world’s first ever site dedicated to both human beings and nature. Together, the Botanical Garden, Insectarium, Biodôme and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium form the Space for Life, the largest natural sciences museum complex in Canada. With its bold design, the new Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium incorporates the strictest sustainable development criteria. It uses cutting-edge technology to create a unique experience of the universe through two complementary shows – one focused on science, the other more whimsical. Its exhibition, Exo: Our Search for Life in the Universe, enriches this cosmic journey. A true pioneer in the field, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium redefines the very essence of planetariums through its original and innovative approach to astronomy. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!
  6. S.O.S. Labyrinthe …For two decades, the adventure mega-maze SOS Labyrinthe entertained and fascinated more than a million visitors before it closed in 2011. But now, one of the Old Port’s most popular attractions, and the world’s largest indoor maze, is back in business. Using canvases, pipes, crates, and barrels, the hangar has been transformed into a sprawling two-kilometer maze with a variety of interactive elements that incorporate an adventure storyline. There are humorous staff on roller blades who tell you which way to go to find the treasures but beware: sometimes they tell you the truth and other times they lie.  Also, there was one employee with a water-spraying contraption going around saying he was disinfecting the place but was having a great time targeting visitors. We spent more time trying to avoid him and killing ourselves laughing than we did looking for the treasures. And take note – the Labyrinthe’s configuration changes every week, so if you want to go for a repeat visit you can expect it to be as fun and challenging as the first time around. I would suggest people bring a water bottle as we were all very thirsty after walking briskly through the maze.   
  7. Visit the Laser Game Evolution. Incredible futuristic adventure! At Laser Game Evolution everything is done internally: creation and manufacture of electronics, armor, guns, software production, graphic design, architecture and above all, which is the second heart of our activity, we design and manufacture your labyrinths.  The games for the entire group last a total of approximately 3 hours. Each game will last 20 minutes. Groups must be present 30 minutes prior to starting the game as a certain amount of preparation time is required before the game starts. The Laser Game Evolution is a fun and sporty game suitable for children and adults of all ages. Come and try the perfect activity for team building, family outings, birthdays and more! You will develop team and competition bonds in addition to establishing a strategy specific to you and at your own pace. Laser Game Evolution is a laser tag game where participants compete to score maximum points in our dark multi-level mazes. The exclusive 100% laser Game Laser technology allows you to shoot extremely precise shots, to run in the game zones and to play as you want (with one or two hands).  
  8. Visit the Montréal Science Centre. Located in the heart of the Old Port, the Montréal’s Science Centre mission is to help visitors of all ages acquire an understanding of science and technology for use in building their future. The Science Centre’s amazing, fun, and surprising exhibitions allow visitors to explore, learn, and understand through a variety of interactive means. The science and technology exhibitions have been designed to: make the science and technology that shape our daily lives more accessible; provide visitors with direct and amusing connection to basic scientific concepts and techniques; develop an understanding of the impact of scientific and technological applications on our daily lives and on society.  
  9. Visit the Biosphère. This former Expo ' 67 American pavilion is Canada's premier ecowatch observation centre, a hyper-modern interactive museum highlighting the water resource. The geodesic dome houses four exhibition areas featuring movies, easy-to-operate computers, giant scale models and a multimedia show on six circular mobile screens. This hi-tech approach is guaranteed to delight visitors while sensitizing them to the importance and fragility of the Saint Lawrence - Great Lakes ecosystem.                                


  • Two teachers per room.
  • Step by step guide to organize the trip with all necessary documentation.
  • Ratio of 1 teacher per 10 paying participants / student.
  • Teachers or tour organizers travel and participates free in all proposed packaged activities as stated above in program.

Bonaventure Tours will do its utmost to make this, the very best trip that students and teachers ever had. We strive to improve our educational programs and services to you and your students each year.

This is only a proposal for your observation . You may want to add or omit certain activities, price will change according to your requests.


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