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 Quebec City


  1. Canyon des Chutes Sainte-Anne (falls). Through footpaths running alongside high ledges and bridges hanging onto sheer cliffs, the visitor is thrown into fascinating landscapes where chasms and streams take turns displaying themselves. This site, preserved in its wildness, offers an unforgettable natural sight: a 74 meter-high waterfall (243 feet), the spectacular McNicoll bridge (55 meters or 180 feet above the canyon), a 15 meter-wide giant pothole (50 feet) and lots more.
  2. Imax Cinéma. The Imax Theatre in Québec City presents IMAX and IMAX 3D films on the largest IMAX screen in Canada - 20.5 metres high by 28.2 metres wide - as high as an eight storey building and 90 feet wide. This unique projection system is the key to the sharpness and clarity of IMAX films. It is Reinforced by the powerful wrap around IMAX Digital Sound System and a specially designed auditorium with over 300 steeply-pitched seats. IMAX films put you in the centre of the action like no other motion picture format can.
  3. The Cyclorama. The world's largest panorama. The world-wide fame of this panorama realization yearly attracts everincreasing numbers of tourist and pilgrims to Ste-Anne-de- Beaupré, where Cyclorama has been on exhibit since 1895. Cyclorama creates an illusion of life and relief that is so real that it gives visitors the feeling that they are themselves in Jerusalem and that they relive the sights of the Crucifixion. From the observation point, you can contemplate all the city of Jerusalem and over 80 kilometers of surrounding countryside at the four cardinal points.
  4. Érablière du Lac Beauport..... You will enjoy a superb traditional meal, maple syrup, maple candy, musicians and dancing. A wouderful evening. Visit the Maple Museum & Interpretation Centre. Your group will see the evolution of sugaring throughout the years. You will see the different techniques used for making maple syrup products since the Amerindians origins up to modern production methods. Visit the Québec Wildlife Museum & Interpratation Centre. You will see 50 species of naturalized animals like the caribou, wolverine,beaver,moose,black bear, cougar and many more.



  • Two teachers per room.
  • Step by step guide to organize the trip with all the necessary documentation.
  • Ratio on 1 teacher/ chaperone complimentary per 10 paying participants / students.

This is only a proposal for your observation. You may want to add or omit certain activities, price will change according to your requests.

Bonaventure Tours® will do its utmost to make this, the very best trip that students and teachers ever had. We strive to improve our educational programs and services to you and your students each year.


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